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fathead dog
fathead dog thumbnail
fathead dog I love Alan Rigdon's music. I really took it hard when I heard that he and Garrison left Erra, but it's awesome to be witnessing the start of The Artificials. I still miss the element that Alan brought to Erra, but now I get to listen to two really exceptional bands. Favorite track: Lone.
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence thumbnail
Jacob Lawrence An Awesome EP from Alan Rigdon formerly of Erra, For anyone who enjoys good thoughtful melodic metal. Favorite track: Lone.
Teresa colegrove
Teresa colegrove thumbnail
Teresa colegrove Great EP you will go far Favorite track: Blue Constant.
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released January 23, 2015

Written, produced, and mixed by Alan Rigdon at StudySoundRecordings.
Vocal production and mastered by Griffin Kolinski at HourGlassStudios.
Album artwork by Garrison Lee.



all rights reserved


The Artificials Gadsden, Alabama


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Track Name: Preface

Hollow misfortunate soul
Grasping on the coattails of ignorant royals
Listen to your gut but trust your heart
Be a man and finish what you start

Oh how I've waited to speak
about what troubles my simple mind
Tongue in the back of my throat
Choking on the truth just to save your face once more
The time is now, while I can still breathe
Track Name: Lone
• Lone

I sit here alone in a vessel full of bodies
Find me in my head
That's where I've been all along

I've got a grip on reality and it's all so lonely

Lost in here flowing away from here and sinking into me.

Window pain memories
finally catching up to me
The lines keep moving on
The road doesn't know my name

I'll keep staring into the dark
with my face against this cold glass
Another night goes by and you still don't know me

I'll keep staring into the dark
with my face against this cold glass
I'll wake up in another town
and leave this all behind

I had every chance to make this right but you didn't deserve it
This was always a dead end
Track Name: Blue Constant
•Blue Constant

Revisiting entity of the future
returning to haunt versions of
a former self
Wake up blue constant
Give me all your dreams

Wake up from your nightmares
With grey eyes of resilience

You won't take my incentive
A thriving glow coursing my veins

You won't take my character
The only right to my name

Disappear with all your ghosts
Human interactions lost
Go from which you came
Track Name: Fox Follow
•Fox Follow

I know who I am and it's harrowing
how such compassion and heart
can be overlooked
This is not boast or pride
This is not ego or strife
For what it's worth, if anything at all,
It's the perpetual
My refuse
An engraved mind with nothing to lose
I deserve no greater respect,
only equal if dealt

Fox follow the trail but leave no tracks
I am the predecessor
Fox follow the fowl
Hear no sound
I am the predecessor
Fox turn around

You can't sweep me away
Cover me up and hold it in
Curious ears will find their way into my residuals
But you can...

Erase me from your book of tabs
I want no part of callous friendships
and mirage of acceptance
I tried to be more than a hire
I'll go my own way
As we part, I never even existed.